FAQ for Wedding Photographers

How does the Love Olio system work?
Once a photographer is accepted, they are given a login to create a profile and upload photos to their photo streams. Unlike other directories Love Olio is a free service that allows photographers to regularly promote their work. The more regularly a photographer uploads their best work to their photo stream, the more chances they get to be promoted on Love Olio's home page. At the time of this writing, we sent over 60,000 clicks to Love Olio photographers' website or blogs in the last year.

How can I make the most of my Love Olio profile?

What do you look for when you select photos for the home page?

Why haven't my photos appeared on the home page of Love Olio?
Love Olio presents many, many photographs. We decided not to showcase every single photograph on our home page simply because we do not have the room for it. We prefer to showcase a selection of our favorite photos every day. This allows us to display the showcased photographs on the home page longer.  What it means to you the photographer is that we are looking for the very best of your work. We want to be "wowed" by every photo in your photo set, and especially the image that you choose for the cover. If you haven't been featured on the home page recently, don't worry. Keep uploading your best photographs regularly and you'll have more chances to be considered for the home page.

I submitted a request to be listed on Love Olio. When will I hear a response?
We review requests for inclusion in the Love Olio directory one by one (we are real people, not some automated system). We currently receive a large number of suggestions, so please bear with us if we do not get to your submission right away. We will contact you if your photography is selected. Please do not submit your request multiple times, it will slow down our processing times.

What is your selection criteria for choosing photographers for Love Olio?
Love Olio is run by a passionate couple who loves unique & creative styles. Our goal is to present a large variety of wedding photographers that appeal to brides & grooms who care about quality & creativity. Our criteria for selecting wedding photographers include:

This FAQ is a work in progress. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Please contact us and let us know what else we should include here!