Greetings Swoon Readers!

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Hi Swoon Readers,

My name is Jennette and I am the newest member of the Love Olio team!

I recently married the love of my life and I’m excited to share my experience planning our Palm Springs wedding. With so much to think about, organize, budget for and make decisions on; at times planning a wedding can be very hectic and overwhelming. I found it difficult balancing the part-time job of planning a wedding with my regular full-time day job that required a lot of traveling and long hours. Not to mention trying to find time to hit the gym so I could look my best in my wedding dress. However, as stressful as it was trying to keep my life in order, I really enjoyed coordinating all of the details that would truly represent us as a couple on our wedding day.  All the hard work planning and adding those details to infuse our personality into our wedding proved to be completely worth it. Our wedding day was exactly the way we wanted it and an unforgettable event. While it might have been easier, I am so glad that we didn’t go with a cookie-cutter wedding that didn’t fit our style.

I want all brides to have a wedding that is uniquely theirs and truly represents them as a couple. I know it can be difficult to stay inspired under the craziness of planning a wedding, but that is what Swoon is for and I’m looking forward to sharing with you the latest in wedding trends, inspirational stories, creative ideas and all that is Swoon-worthy.

Also, please reach out to us with any wedding questions, problems you are dealing with or if you just need a quick sanity check. Sometimes it helps to get an outside opinion. We’d be happy to give you our advice, share our personal experiences and opinions, and poll readers or vendors we’re connected with. We would love to help in any way we can.

Happy Planning!


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One Response to Greetings Swoon Readers!

  1. Ann says:

    Yay! Welcome Jennette and we’re excited to have you on the team!

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