10 Things You Swoon Over with Aisling Nelson

We have Irish jewelry designer, Aisling Nelson, of the lovely jewelry shop, Rangoli, stopping by this week to share with us the 10 things that inspires her.

Aisling is well-known in the wedding sphere for her one-of-a-kind wedding hair accessories and jewelry. Each intricate piece is carefully crafted by weaving thin wires, beads, and precious stones. When you get a chance, do check out her blog and her website. Her work is definitely eye-candy!

Here are 10 things that inspires Aisling:

1. Imagination – We all need a little magic in our lives. Close your eyes and you can go anywhere!


{image by Melvin Sokolsky}


2. Christian Lacroix – the king of decoration and drama! I’d like to be invited to this tea party.


{via Dust Jacket Attic}


3. Claire Pettibone – Claire’s designs are so feminine and delicate. I love her attention to detail.


{image from Claire Pettibone}


4. Pure emotion – Weddings are full of beautiful emotions. This image was captured by Christina Brosnan.



5. Vintage Vogue – Endless inspiration for gorgeous timeless style. Divine divas.


{via My Vintage Vogue}


6. Colour – I heart colour! Colour is something that always inspires me to design.


{image by Rodney Smith}


7. Sparkle – Not just for the ladies – how glam is this turban? We all need ‘sparkle’ days.


{via The Unreal Bride}

8.Thinking outside the box – It’s nice to put your personal stamp on things. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.


{floral design by Lilac and Lily}


9. Good hair days – Fantasizing about having hair like this. Extensions are my only option!


{via Dust Jacket Attic}


10. And finally – having fun is best of all. Check out this engagement shoot with photographer Ben Blood.


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7 Responses to 10 Things You Swoon Over with Aisling Nelson

  1. I have been so busy and have not been keeping up with this list but I’m going to read as many as I can. I love this list!!

  2. lovely list!!! i will send you mine tonight, sorry for the delay!

  3. Eadaoin says:

    So lovely to get some insight into Aisling’s inspirations :) Her jewelery is so elegant and the things that make her swoon are just as beautiful as you imagine they would be from looking at her work!

  4. A fantastic inspiring list with stunning imagery. Loved it Aisling….’swooning’…

  5. Thanks for inviting me to guest-post Ann. It was so much fun to put together. I love this series as it’s great to see what inspires others to be creative. Thanks for all all the lovely comments too x

  6. Loved this list! esp number one- Imagination! So important to have that as a part of our lives!

  7. lizzie says:

    i love her inspiration!

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