10 Things You Swoon Over with Borrowed & Bleu

I’ve got Erika from Borrowed & Bleu here with us today to share the 10 things she is swooning over. Erika’s blog is darling and has some really sweet wedding eye-candy. One of my favorite topics on her site is Galleria Shops, which features unique wedding shops to help brides find one of a kind items and support small businesses and artisans.

 borrowed and blue

Here are the 10 things Erika swoons over:

1. Hot Air Balloons ~ I love to look at them, but don’t think you could get me in a real one!

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by Felice Design on Etsy}

2. Pinwheels ~ They’re whimsical, cute and perfect for spring.

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by Elizabeth St. on Etsy}

3. Succulents ~ Favorite. Plants. Ever. So many varieties, so much to love!

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by Succulents Galore on Etsy}

4. Bunting ~ Nothing says it’s time to celebrate like bunting. It’s sweet, simple and makes me happy!

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by Heidi Adnum Photography}

5. Mixtapes ~ Even in the age of iPods, there’s something particularly cute about a mixtape. Granted, most of us have iTunes playlists now, but I still dig the old school look and concept of a mixtape.

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by ctrlP on Etsy}

6. Burlap ~ There’s just something special about this rough-and-tumble, rustic fabric!

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by Lil Missi Collection on Etsy}

7. Vintage Postcards ~ I love vintage and I love postcards, so why not vintage-style postcards?

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by The Treespace Studio on Etsy}

8. Macarons ~ Probably the prettiest little desserts out there, no?10 Things You Swoon Over

{by The Groovy Baker on Etsy}

9. Mason Jars ~ They have so many uses, but lately I’ve been swooning over mason jar chandeliers!

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by TreasureAgain on Etsy}

10. Handmade, DIY & Indie Biz ~ I’m a huge supporter of all things handmade. I’d much rather shop with a small local business or with a self-representing artist than a mass retailer. When I have time, I love making things myself, too!

10 Things You Swoon Over

{by Borrowed & Bleu ~ DIY Romantic Rose Headband}

Erika is real sweetheart and she has invited me to share my own swoon list on her blog. So today we’re swapping lists! Check out the 10 Things I Swoon Over on Borrowed & Bleu.

Stay inspired darlings!

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4 Responses to 10 Things You Swoon Over with Borrowed & Bleu

  1. This includes several items my list might include! Such a fun series!

  2. Kristi says:

    Oh this is such a fabulous series!!! Love to see what makes others swoon ;-) )) There are definitely some things on Erika’s list that make me swoon too!


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  4. Elanie says:

    OMG…pink cakes….they looks so tasty…mmm….and that flower…simply amazing!

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