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10 Unique Wedding Invites That Push the Envelope

The below 10 unique wedding invites are the reasons why I fell in love with the wonderful world of weddings. The amount of talent and creativity in the wedding industry is seriously freaking amazing. I feel like a kid in a candy store every time.

Get ready for some major inspiration highs:

#1 Film roll wedding invites {by Ambient Studios}.



#2 Printed handkerchief wedding maps {by Kelli Anderson}.



#3 Tea towel wedding invites {by The Original Wedding Tea Towel}.


#4 Button save the date {by The Indigo Bunting}.



#5 Letterpress airplane ticket save the date {by Swell Creative}.



#6 Message in a bottle wedding invites {by The Original Message in a Bottle Shop}.



#7 Muslin bags & wood tags wedding invites {by Oh Hello Friend}.



#8 Balloon wedding invites {by L’Office Optimiste}



#9 Origami DIY wedding invites {by Amy Moss}. See my previous post about them here.



#10 Tree ring wheel DIY wedding invites {by Burning House SF}

Wedding Wheels invitation templates


Which of these do you think takes the cake?

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arrow34 Responses

  1. Nhu-Chi Tran
    42 mos, 2 wks ago

    wow these are crazy creative! if my guest list was like 10-20 I’d totally do something creative like these…the tree stump is my fave!

  2. 42 mos, 2 wks ago

    Hard to choose a favorite, but I absolutely love the film rolls! What a creative idea!

  3. 42 mos, 2 wks ago

    I totally ♥ the balloon invites! How cool! X

  4. I’m actually blushing because that ideas are so cute! But I really prefer the the film roles and the ones on the bottle. As it can serve as a souvenir at the same time and my guests can even use it for decorations for their houses. Super unique no doubt!

  5. 42 mos, 1 wk ago

    The balloon! *sigh*

  6. 42 mos, 1 wk ago

    The balloon is totally clever, but would the guests have to blow it up to read it? Haha. I really love the printed handkerchief too, totally useful :) .

  7. 40 mos, 3 wks ago

    So adorable! I love the message in a bottle, so meaningful and unique. And I’d love to use the origami invites for other occasions as well.

  8. Joel Manahan
    40 mos, 3 wks ago

    Film, Message in a Bottle and Origami seem to me the most creative while at the same time decorative. The film one especially is good for reminding people to bring cameras, The Bottle’s the best for beach weddings and the Origami is easy to put in your pocket or hang on the wall or door handle to remember the date and makes you feel less guilty when you throw it away after months have passed.

  9. 40 mos, 1 wk ago

    Love, love, love the film invitations! so cute! xo

  10. 39 mos, 3 wks ago

    these are all really nice and creative for invitations

  11. Lisa
    39 mos ago

    Where can I find more ideas like this?

  12. Palmettogrrl
    38 mos, 1 wk ago

    Found u thru stumble… Love the message in a bottle invites!

  13. Such fun ideas! I love the handkerchief ones – so cute!

  14. 35 mos, 3 wks ago

    What a smart ideas. Actually I amaze with the last design.

  15. 35 mos, 2 wks ago

    I love these ideas! The film canisters have to be one of my favs. So unique and creative.

  16. 35 mos, 1 wk ago

    Very clever. I can’t decide which one I like best. I love them all!

  17. 35 mos, 1 wk ago

    The tree ring one is just too amaze.

  18. deema
    33 mos, 1 wk ago

    Wooow thaaats sooo creaative i love them all but if i was asked to choose one i’ll choose message in a bottle :D

  19. bri
    33 mos, 1 wk ago

    All are very cool, however #1,5,6,9 i can narrow down to my fav!

  20. Amanda
    33 mos ago

    The airline ticket invite is the cutest I have ever seen! Especially if it is a destination wedding… What a great idea!

  21. Cari
    32 mos, 3 wks ago

    My cousin did the airline ticket invitation for his destination wedding in Jaimaca!

  22. 32 mos ago

    I love the letter press airplane tickets, so appropriate for those getting married abroad. There are some great ideas here to help make a wedding unique.

  23. 31 mos, 1 wk ago

    I am loving those balloon invites. you could use these for promotional events as well which is what I have got them in mind for.

  24. 30 mos, 2 wks ago

    film roll wedding invitation are the best. i love it

  25. 29 mos, 1 wk ago

    I love the film roll!! I think that would be such a neat way to surprise those who haven’t heard about a wedding yet :D Definitely going to leave an impression!!

  26. 29 mos ago

    i can narrow down to my fav!

  27. 29 mos ago

    I love these ideas! The film canisters have to be one of my favs.
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  28. 28 mos, 3 wks ago

    These are beautiful! I love the spinner invite – so creative!

  29. 27 mos, 4 wks ago

    Wow.. This is the real creativity..

  30. Crystal Couture
    26 mos, 3 wks ago

    Some great ideas here x

  31. 25 mos, 3 wks ago

    Great selection, thanks for these!

  32. 25 mos ago

    Pretty cool! I love the message in a bottle, but I’m not sure about shipping

  33. 3 mos, 2 wks ago

    WOW ,
    envelope with invitation very gorgeous.
    thank you for valuable Sharing

  34. 2 mos, 2 wks ago

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