CSN Giveaway Winner!

Two weeks ago, I announced the $60 CSN giveaway and asked you for budget decor ideas. The responses were seriously incredible! We’ve got some crafty folks here!

I knew it would be hard to pick a fair winner with so many great ideas, so I’m leaving it to chance (i.e. Randomizer).  Our lucky random winner is… Jenna! Congrats and I hope the $60 come in handy!

Jenna shared the following DIY decor tip: Buy an empty box frame and drill a whole big enough to fit corks. This looks great on the wall over your wine collection and provides a great place to dispense your corks.

Inspired by Jenna’s ideas, I found 2 more cork projects on Crafting a Green World:


A BIG thank you to everyone for sharing your creative budget decor ideas!

If you need some inspirations for holiday decorating, a quick scroll through the giveaway’s comments will give you plenty of ideas ;) .

Here are some of my fav budget decor ideas from readers:

*Frame pretty greeting cards, calendar pages, magazine photos, or fabrics

*Paint pine cones and leaves with shimmery gold dye

*Spray paint candlesticks, picture frames, and mirrors to match

*Reuse bottles and jars as vases

*Press fall leaves and hang them by the window (sounds beautiful!)

Til next time, stay inspired!

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  1. jenna says:

    yay!! thank you so much!!!

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