Matt and Jo-anne’s Wedding

When I was growing up we lived in the rainforest on the side of a hill in Far North Queensland. Our backyard was green! I distinctly remember a Siamese cat wondering out of the forest and into our home. This cat was a stray. We let Dara stay with us as long as she wanted to. It was really bizarre because 7 years to the day, I saw Dara walk into the rainforest and we never saw her again. It turns out a few years later one of my mums work colleague had a Siamese cat turn up on their doorstep! We wondered if that was Dara? So Matt and Jo-anne  got married a few months back and their cat, a beautiful grey British Short Hair is also a stray. It bought back instant memories of Dara. O.k enough about cats. Matt and Joanne got married at Fitzroy garden’s in Melbourne. To be exact the location was “The Boy on the Turtle” know one really knows where the “The Boy on the Turtle” is until you head to the gardens. This is exactly why I do scouting before the wedding day. When you google “The ... read more