jenny + chad // engaged: on the lake

The second half of our trip included a great litt'le sunrise on the docks with some pancakes that made it seem like Jenny could have a career in food styling in her lifetime. We literally had the vinyl going with some Bon Iver around 6 'something' am out on the dock...and while it was early, it was beyond glorious. The still, glassy lake reflected all that surrounded it and echoed the beauty of the tall trees and rolling hills within its own image. Is it just me or do you always forget how incredible and just 'worth it' it is to wake up to enjoy the sunrise until you actually do it? I'm telling you it. It's so worth it. I see sunsets all the time, but the quiet and stillness of the morning is a most lovely thing to savor.The rest of our day included a little boat ride to a cove where Chad fished for a bit, some rock skipping, and a little hike to the best viewpoint ever...complete with fallen tree chair. I told you these two were a good time. ... read more