Bacolod Modern Destination Wedding | Charie and Joey

Charie and Joey’s awesome wedding was held in Bacolod, which is also known as “the city of smiles”. Astonishing is a perfect description to the place and also, it became one of our favourite location for the “the day after “photo session. Emotions can be seen in their eyes as they walked thru the aisle, Happiness is all you can feel as you see the participants in the entourage passed by. You will feel the love between the couple as you observe on how they hold each other’s hands while looking from eye to eye. Capturing each moment in the church is like making stories out of Charie and Joey’s eternal love for each other. May their friendship also continue as they go thru the stage of husband and wife, for it has a significant role in couple’s life, this brings a lot of ease and understanding which will lead to a successful marriage… We are just glad we had the chance to see how fascinating the lovely couple is, on sharing their exceptional moment to the crowd. Also, for our ... read more