Tânia & Joonas | Engagement

Tânia and Joonas live in Finland and are coming down south for their wedding this summer in Sintra, Portugal. Tânia is Portuguese and Joonas is Finnish and we kind-of feel like we know what they’re going through right now, as planning a wedding from another country is really not the easiest thing to do, there’s only so much you can achieve with the internet! But these kids are smart (they’re both engineers!) and super organised and have pretty much everything running according to plan, and even their dog is involved in their wedding, which is something we so wished we could do… unfortunately our pup isn’t handbag size and doesn’t travel as easily as their little Meeko… He joined us on the beach for their engagement shoot, can’t wait to see what he will be wearing to the wedding! A Tânia e o Joonas vivem na Finlandia e este verão vêm casar no soalheiro verão de Portugal na bonita vila de Sintra. A Tânia é portuguesa o Joonas finlandês, e nós sabemos o que estão a passar ... read more
by Piteira Photography on 5/10/2011