Wedding photography by Peppermint Media

About Peppermint Media:

Why peppermint media? We do not know how the name came up really, but it sounded refreshing and new and envisions the creative direction that we wanted with this collaboration. The peppermint plant is a hybrid plant, much like the style that we would like to incorporate with every endeavor that we put our minds into. We blend elements of nostalgia, funk, the Neolithic, new wave, Technicolor blurs and futuristic funness into our photographs producing exhilarating snapshots. We would like to think that art and the artist mindset is outdated, we don’t consider ourselves artists, or artisans, we’re just brothers capturing your crazy (or not so crazy) moments as it happens in a style that transcends the usual cheesiness of wedding photography and portraiture. Most of the time we remind ourselves that traditions are alright but messing up with it is way way better! If our snapshots make you smile, then maybe we’re doing something right. Hit us up, we’re ready to dive!