Wedding photography by Jennifer Hejna Photography

About Jennifer Hejna Photography:

I am a photographer passionate and specialized in wedding photography.

A wedding day is a day to celebrate love and life with the family and all friends. You are in the middle of a wonderful celebration and the day after all the emotions, details and feelings will be just memories. I capture weddings to tell the story of your wedding day, to give you a picture for all those moments to relive and treasure the day every time you want with your love, your family and friends, your children and grandchildren.

I believe in love and I am happy that I found the love of my life more then ten years ago. I am passionate about good food and cooking with friends. I love simple white design, jazz music and good literature. Black and white photography from Paris in the 20s still inspires me to become a better photographer. I speak four different languages and I would love to learn a lot more. Every new language I learn is like seeing clear through the fog.

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oriental inspired wedding