Sam + Spencer | A Dallas Engagement

Have you ever had one of those evenings when you just let yourself be “up for anything”, without a step by step plan, and just let yourself see what happens? Sam, Spencer and I had one of those nights together! We met up at Crooked Tree Coffee house, and decided to just walk the area for photo spots! The area has so much history, with beautiful homes, and colors, so I knew we wouldn’t have a problem with finding great locations! We wandered through the neighborhoods, and as you’ll see, we found some INCREDIBLE walls, which worked out just perfectly! About half way through the shoot, Spencer mentioned how much fun it would be  to go down to he and Sam’s favorite date spot, S. & D. Oyster Company, and since it was only a block away we did just that! Little did we know that our adventure would get even more interesting…Scroll through the loveliness to hear how! You know you’ve got style and fierce confidence when you can rock two patterns at once, and look absolutely stunning. ... read more