Mychal + Desi | A New Braunfels Wedding

There is something incredible about a couple who can connect without a word, or even a shared glance. Desi and Mychal are that kind of couple. Spending even a minute with them leaves you better off than you were before you did because anyone who can feel the wind blow can feel the connection they share. Among many of my clients, Desi and Mychal met at Dallas Baptist University, and although 2 different stories would take a while to intertwine, everyone knew it was meant to be when they did. Both of them have personalities that can light up a room, but a discernment and kind spirit for when to use it. They both share a mutual love for teaching, Desi to the church, and Mychal to precious kids. I could not have been more honored, or excited when Desi contacted me, asking if I would shoot their wedding. Every experience with them since that day has been more than memorable,engagements and bridals turned out to be some of my favorites to date, and I count myself so honored to have had t ... read more