Wedding photography by Fennomenal Wedding Photography

About Fennomenal Wedding Photography:

Johannes Fenn discovered his passion for photography when he got to know documentary wedding photography from the US. It is all about reporting that does not start with the bride’s entering the church, but that already begins in the morning with the hairstyling or the dressing or with the groom’s best man helping him with his tie, and often ending with the wedding waltz or at midnight with the cutting of the cake. Last year Johannes Fenn accompanied a couple in Berlin with his camera for 17 hours to capture all the special moments of their wedding and transform these into pictures. His photos often show people and situations on the sidelines that are not in the centre of attention and that might have remained unnoticed without his camera. To capture the immediacy of the moment, Johannes takes part in the wedding day as an observer in the background. His photographic interpretation and his personal visual language create images that are both pieces of art and journalistic documents.