Wedding photography by Emily Steffen Photography

About Emily Steffen Photography:

I try to live simply!
I dream of a world where I can wear sweaters all year long.
I love people in love.
Yarn stores make me giddy. OH, and fabric stores too.
Someday I would love to publish a book of household sewing patterns.
I believe there is nothing better than a day with the people you love.
I get extreme satisfaction out of growing, picking and using veggies from my garden.
Cooking is not my strong suite although I regularly attempt! My husband just smiles and swallows my food. :)
I could eat breakfast all day long.
I think that weddings are beautiful.
I love when kids try to dress themselves.
I always try and give out handmade gifts.
I belong to a knitting group. And love it.
My husband thinks that I am the most beautiful. Ever.
Color makes me happy.
I love a bride to play and have fun in front of my camera.
Families that laugh together are my favorite.
I dream of my Mom and Dad.
I cry at every wedding.
I appreciate good color combinations.
Some people would argue that I eat too many nachos.
I believe that pugs were put on this earth to make me smile. And my pug, Edward, is perfect!
I love taking photos.
And I 100% believe in the phrase “Love what you do and do what you love!” It defines a good portion of me.