About Love Olio

Love Olio is a gallery of the best engagement and wedding images. Love Olio is created to:

  1. Showcase wedding and engagement photography from the most creative and groundbreaking wedding photographers in the world
  2. Connect brides and grooms with talented wedding photographers in their area
  3. Browse for inspirational décor and design ideas from real weddings

We hand select and feature images from hundreds of wedding photographer’s blogs to showcase their current work. The images can be sorted by location, as well as by the studio’s name, making it easier for brides and grooms to find wedding photographers in their area. We respect the intellectual property of others and we give full credit to the photographers in all sections of our site.

The Team Behind Love Olio

We are Ann + Noel, a pair of newlyweds deeply in love located in sunny Southern California. Ann is an aspiring blogger with a passion for personal, original, inspirational and DIY elements that go into the experience of weddings. She likes taking photos with her Shake It iPhone app, indulging in sweet mangoes every night and reading literary classics.

Noel designs websites for boutiques and small business owners.  He is inspired by modern design, art and photography and enjoys hiking, camping, veggie gardening, scuba diving and mountain biking. We both love to cook, travel together and take jumping pictures everywhere we go!

Ann and Noel jumping for joy.

{ Ann and Noel's engagement photos by Forever True Photography }

We were married in 2009 and the wedding and planning experience totally inspired us. We are keen on photography and Ann even shot several weddings and considered it as a career. In our search for wedding photographers our eyes were opened to the incredible creativity and talent that's out there. Fast forward - summer 2010 we realized there was a huge need for new visually stimulating ways to find wedding photographers online. The idea of Love Olio was born.

We're glad you found us and welcome! Stop by and say hi anytime :)

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